RO’s & Marshal’s

Competitor Action.
Range Officers are in charge of competitor action. They brief all competitors on the requirements of the league and answer questions to clarify any misinterpretations of the course and rules.

The competitors should see Range Officers as part of the solution and not part of the problem, we are not there to punish. To this end a little patience and understanding helps. Not all competitors will approach the problem posed by the course of fire in the same way, therefore it is important that the Range Officer listens to the competitors as much as he/she may want the competitors to listen to him.

Once the Range Officer is ready to start he must take control and maintain control throughout. This includes spectators.

Safety is of prime importance in our sport and overrides all other considerations. Any safety infringement is dealt with in terms of the SAFTAA Competition Rules.

A Range Officer is impartial. Always maintain the same standard throughout a match. This is especially important when it comes to scoring targets. Remember if the competitor did not earn the points don’t give it just to avoid some unpleasantness. Most competitors will want to get the best possible result but will accept the decision of the Range Officer. You score only what you see, not what is supposed to be there.

RO and Marshal’s who have passed the exam will be printed below.